Sunday, November 18, 2007

They're Still At It

Despite my e-mail asking them to stop, The Weigh We Were is still vacuuming up my content and putting it up on their forums. That's just scummy behavior.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Seminar Report

My report about the Big Seminar I attended at TPS is now up at STTB. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meet Half-Report: Kansas NASA Regionals

This was supposed to be a nice meet report which I was going to publish at STTB. However, my morning went kaflooey, I got there late and missed all the squatting, so this truncated report is getting posted here instead.

I got the meet info from Powerlifting Watch. It took place at the Assemblies of God gymnasium on 75th St. (That's quite a name for a gymnasium.) Even with my late arrival I managed to see most of the bench and all of the deads. I didn't want to interrupt anyone's warm-up or psych-up to ask if I could take a picture of them lifting, so the only picture I took was of these weight plates. As you can see they're lovely weight plates, weathered and colorful and Ivanko, but people would have been better.

There was a plastic tub full of chalk on top of those plastic milk crates you see in the back of the picture, and that white curtain is the long table where the announcer and record keeper were sitting. The announcer was good: very clear about who was next, who was on deck, who was standing by and what the weights were. If I understood correctly, he’s a pastor, so he’s got experience with public speaking. There were also two screens on the wall providing instant replay, but I didn't realize this until the deads were nearly done.

There were two flights of lifters. There was one female lifter and the rest were male. I didn’t catch her bench numbers, but she had opened with a successful dead at 105Kg and then missed 115Kg twice, but not for lack of trying. The gentleman lifting after her was went 105, 122.5 and 137.5, which made me think that with a lower opener she could have gotten her 115Kg. But I've never competed, so what do I know.

I was surprised by the number of benchers that did not get their bench opener. I was thinking along the lines of Matt K’s statement at the Boston seminar back in June, that your opener should be a weight you can do sick or dead. Almost everyone got their subsequent lifts though, so maybe it was just mid-meet jitters.

There were between 30-50 spectators, all ages, from babies to elderly. A boy and an older gentleman were loading and unloading the bar for the lifters, getting a rather lengthy workout themselves in the process. For the deads the older gentleman sat down to judge, but the kid kept loading and unloading. I’m thinking he should get an award for best GPP. The spectators were nice to every lifter regardless of how much they were lifting and the whole atmosphere was supportive and sportsmanlike.

The t-shirts were great: one had “Top Hog Power Sports Team” with a picture of a scary looking cartoon boar deadlifting with a mixed grip, one with “Dawg Pound” on the front and “Lift heavy, life is too short to be weak” on the back (amen to that). Another had “ET’s House of Iron and Stone” on the front and “Train with the Insane” on the back and one had “Dungeon Powerlifting” and “Blood, guts, sweat and tears” on the front.

I have to mention the leg wear: for the deads, most lifters wore black knee socks to protect their shins, but there were some standouts. The female lifter used strips of duck tape. A guy named John who was wearing a shirt that said “No, I’m not on roids, but thanks for asking” had white knee-socks that said “Love” and had colorful hearts. But the coolest socks were worn by a fellow named Ben: bright blue and white tie-dye pattern. A few people were using mouthguards: maybe so that they wouldn’t grind their teeth while lifting?

At the end the spectators got up and cleared away their chairs. I left at the beginning of the awards ceremony. I'm not big on medals and trophies and such, although giving the top lifters decorative swords rather than trophies was original. Overall I enjoyed myself very much. Next time I go to one of these I hope to be an entrant rather than a spectator.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I'll be back and blogging on Monday, Nov 12.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Good Stuff Elsewhere

Quarterly grades for my students were due right after I came back from my trip, hence the delay in my reports and the lack of blogging (to say nothing of the lack of sleep).

In the meantime, head over to EFS and watch the lovely interviews they just posted:




Go and learn.