Friday, October 05, 2007

Talking to the Wall

So I'm on the phone to one of my elderly relatives. (I called him, out of sheer politeness, to see how he was doing. That was my mistake.)

He: Do you still look the same as the last time we saw you?
Me: I have no idea how I looked the last time you saw me.
He: You looked great. Are you still keeping the weight loss?
Me: I exercise, but I don't really pay attention to weight.
He: *silence*

Shortly thereafter during the same phone call.

He: You know who lost 80 lbs?
Me: Who?
He: Joe; isn't that great?
Me: Well, if it makes him happy that's great.
He: He was 360 lbs, he wasn't walking right, that's not healthy. He's going to lose 100lbs.
Me: Well, if it makes him happy that's great.

The thing about talking with elderly relatives is that you can't use profanity. Bah.


At 12:35 PM , Blogger kristin said...

Oh my god, you're hilarious !! I am totally reading your blog all the time now ... and since I presume you are not "elderly" I am going to use lotos of profanity when I do !!


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