Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some Days

I get home and realise that:

1. I am not getting to the gym tonight;
2. I forgot to roll the Torah scroll forward for tomorrow morning's Rosh Chodesh reading;*
3. I missed (again!) the free shipping + hat offer deadline at EFS; and,
4. Randy C0uture is retiring.

Bah! Some days I just shouldn't bother.

*Ok, this is one of those Jewish things: on Mondays & Thursdays we read the Torah. There are also special Torah readings from a different part of the Torah scroll on the first day of a Jewish month (which tomorrow is). This morning's Torah reading was from Genesis 6:9-22 and tomorrow's special reading is from Numbers 28:11-15, so the scroll needs to be rolled to the correct place, and then rolled back to Genesis for next Monday. Longer explanation here.


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