Friday, October 05, 2007

Gym Search Continues: Updated

Update: This is Not a Weight Loss Blog, so if you've come here for advice on how to become scrawnier, please go elsewhere. I wanted to make that clear, since I discovered, via my stats, that this post was excerpted in its entirety over at the forums of a web site called The Weigh We Were, which bills itself as a collection of weight loss success stories. I never signed up with this web site nor did I add my blog to their site, and I find it peculiar that they would put my entire post on their forum, stripping the links to Ironmind and the JP Fitness forums in the process. I understand that on the web anyone can link to anything, but grabbing entire posts? Then I did a quick search and discovered they've been doing this quoting of entire posts since September 11. I e-mailed them and asked them to remove these posts. I'll update when and if they get back to me.

Actual post starts here=> Over at IronMind, a report from the recently concluded world weightlifting championships. Check out the lovely pic of American lifter Melanie R0ach, who did better than she did "ten years and three children ago". (Via this thread at the JP Fitness Forums.)

I went on the 24HF website the other day and got a 7 day pass to try out their gym. As soon as I printed it I realized that the pass was only good from 8am to 9pm. So I sent them an e-mail telling them that I signed up for this pass because I wanted a place that would be open outside these hours. To their credit, they e-mailed me back within the hour and called me back within two, telling me that they'd leave the pass for me at the desk and I could come by after 9pm. So I did. The good part is that they have a cage. The bad part is that there are no rowers or a heavy bag, and the in-store advertising is revolting. Not only is there a ton of Biggest L0ser claptrap, but also an annoying "Get to size six sooner" poster. Why the heck would I want to be a size six, sooner, later or ever? Makes me want to take a marker, cross out the words "size six" and insert "weakling" instead. :-) (Which I do not do, of course, because I am a capitalist with a healthy respect for private property.)


At 7:20 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

There used to be a bunch of "I became a size six! Ask me how!" diet ads in my supermarket, and I used to go around crossing out "how" and writing in "why."

Not long after I saw a store employee taking down the ads. I know I could have just gone to the manager and said "I don't like these ads," but honestly I wanted OTHER people to look at them and think about it.

I did feel like a vandal, and I supposed I WAS, but I don't feel very guilty anyway.

At 7:21 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Oh and then another time: someone was putting up ads for some sort of freak dubious WL program in the women's restrooms at the building where I worked. For those I just taped a note next to it, explaining why it was inappropriate.


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