Saturday, October 06, 2007

Boxing Deprived

Why can I not find a single sports bar in my area showing this boxing ppv? Harrumph. I was looking forward to seeing Barrera's last fight. Nothing against Pacquia0, but I'm sentimentally hoping that Barrera wins this one and then retires on a high note. Looks like I'll be curling up with the aforementioned brain book and following the fight on Bad Left H00k instead. On the positive side, this means I'm not supporting HB0 with my hard-earned money. As far as I know, the sexist twits still have the policy of not showing women's boxing.

Observation: any weekend day in which I get out of bed and am up and about before 6:00am will be a good day. Two reasons: first, my weekday wake up time is 5:45am, so a 6:00am weekend wakeup does not screw up the schedule. Second, because I get a feeling of accomplishment when I look at my watch at 8:00am and can say to myself: I've already done x y and z, it's going to be a great day. X, y and z can be pretty much anything: meal prep, morning walk, returning library books. The important thing is that something got done and finished and I can remove more things from the to-do list.

I looked at yet another gym. No hanging heavy bag, but it has C2 rowers and a cage which - mirabile visu - is NOT in front of a mirror. It also has old but serviceable weights, decent locker rooms and no moronic advertising. I asked the man at the desk if the bars were 45lb bars and how much the dbs increment by, and he turns to the woman beside him and says "I don't think she'll need an orientation". :-) They gave me a one week pass to try it out starting tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

My freezer is stuffed with healthy meals ready to defrost and cook. Feels good. Now let's see if I follow through and actually defrost and cook and eat them.


At 7:15 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

The Weigh We Were: WTF? I noticed they have Anonymous Fat Woman's OLD blog linked in, the one taken over by porn ads. Yeah, great content sucking, you idiots!

I remember a similar site a while ago, where they were using excerpts from blogs as though they were commercial endorsements of products - actually rewording what the blogger said. Can't remember the name, but they did take me out when I asked.

The one week pass sounds ideal. Is it reasonably close by?

At 5:27 PM , Blogger Mich said...

It's a less than 3-mile drive from home. It's also only a minor detour to make it part of the work-to-home drive.


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