Sunday, October 21, 2007

Assorted Things

MMA Writing: Came back from the bar around midnight to find an e-mail from my sis. Doctor says that relative might not make it through the night. Didn't feel much like sleeping, so I got productive and did some MMA writing. My UFC 77 Musings and Spoilers are now up at Straight to the Bar.

Useful Quotes: "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do." —- Dale Carnegie
"One of the most difficult exercises to accomplish with good form is kicking oneself in the ass."
--Mahler, on the JP Fitness Forums, 9-27-2007.

Fashion plate: The other day one of my colleagues comes up to me at work. "Cute top" she says, "Is that Chico's?" Have you seen the prices at that place? I'm a teacher; that means KMart, Target and the softer side of Sears. :-) Nice to know my clothes look five times more expensive than they really are. I didn't tell her that, btw, I just said no and smiled.

Why I adore the comment threads at Cr0ssfit: Because they can be an island of sanity in a universe of questionable aesthetics. Over at this post, comment #37, a woman asks what she should do to "slim down and not bulk up", because she doesn't want her arms to be "manly". Among the responses she gets: "The excuse of not wanting to work out for fear of looking too manly is what is known as a cop out." (Comment #59 from KeithW at CrossfitNYC) and "You will have fabulous, strong, muscular feminine arms, which is absolutely gorgeous and attractive." (Comment #77)

Lastly, from Friday's post comes yet another inspirational CrossFit vid from CF.


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