Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thirty Percent

According to the latest doctor-speak, relative has a 30% chance of recovery. How the hell do they calculate these odds, anyway?

No exercise yet this week. Left work too late both yesterday and today. So I'm back in lazyass territory, since there's nothing stopping me from getting up at 0430 and going to the gym in the morning beyond my love affair with inertia. Yesterday when I was in my car I actually had a thought in my head that went something like this "What if I gained all the weight back? Was I that unhappy being fat? Why all these expectations? I'm never going to go back to Jerusalem anyways." which was followed shortly thereafter by a much clearer thought: "Are you a complete effing idiot?"

Yes, apparently, especially when I don't get enough water or sleep.

I'm going to do one of my exercise dvds and go to bed early. Not much to choose from as I only own two, it's either this one or this one.


At 11:57 AM , Blogger neca said...

Just put "The Pit" in my Netflix queue to try out - it sounds fantastic!


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