Saturday, September 01, 2007

Stresses Major and Minor

Woke up at noon today; I was so tired from the week. I had been setting multiple alarms every morning because there are few things I hate more than being late. So today I lazed about and then headed out at night for a little shopping. I found an Under Arm0r HeatGear women's top on the clearance rack for $5, and four pairs of Under Arm0r socks (made in the US, slightly irregular) for $7, so it was a productive shopping trip. Speaking of UA, I like this Bo0m Bo0m Tap commercial and the microsite they built to go with it.

I was going to write a post about how my lack of progress in August was a direct result of my lack of focus and intensity since I returned from Jerusalem, but the inimitable PastaQueen has already written a good one on the subject and put it succinctly: "I've only lived in my own body, so I can't speak about anyone else with 100% certainty, but I know that when I show up and do the work, I get paid." What she said.

This seems to be a day for stressful phone calls: first I hear from my family that the relative who finished chemo for cancer a few months ago is back in hospital; the lymphoma is back and things are described as "worrysome". Since relative's children live out of town, my mom has been on bedside duty in the hospital, which worries me because my mom is the duty-bound sort of person who takes care of other people before she takes care of herself. They're referring to it as "the situation". As in "did you hear about the situation with relative Q?". Then a former classmate calls: seems her employer just screwed her out of the job she was promised by deciding that a newly hired, less experienced man will fill the position. She knew it was an old boys club (not a single woman in the entire section) but she didn't expect them to pull this. She was angry but she's got the right attitude about it: she's going to make herself even more indispensable this year, walk away on her own terms and leave them SOL. Good for her. Serves those dishonorable dimwits right.

Gym Two still hasn't put up the heavy bag. When I joined they had one. A week or two later it vanished. I was told that it had collapsed, and since they were in the middle of renovations, they had decided not to replace it until the renovations were complete. (No, I don't see the logic either.) Renovations are pretty much done, and still no heavy bag. Maybe they're afraid it will scare off the new frou frou clientele that the renovations were intended to attract?

I found out that a new community center is opening not far from me and that it has a gym, so I went one evening last week to check it out. The good: it is spacious, the locker rooms are gorgeous, there's a squat rack, two flat benches, one incline bench, and one lonely rowing machine. The bad: there are a gazillion treadmills and bikes and not one person that looks like they're serious about their training (and that includes the staff).

I decided to try out some martial arts classes starting next weekend. It will have to be an outstanding experience for me to join up, because the price is $110 per month, which I find a bit steep. But if I had a class to go I'll get my butt out of work at a decent hour (she said hopefully).

Food was fine this week, hydration was on and off, and exercise was entirely at home due to the hours I spent at work. *sigh* I love my work, but I do know that spending my entire life there is not a good idea.


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