Monday, September 17, 2007


No change in anything of note. Relative still in hospital, I'm still stressed. I'm no longer limping and range of motion is better, but there are still enough twinges along the left hip and knee that I haven't gone back to the MA place.

Nutrition was great until I left work today (at 7:00pm, I might add) and then went to hell in a handbasket (the nutrition, not me). The air-conditioning at work wasn't functioning for most of the day. At the last meeting of the day I had someone tell me I looked "wilted". Just what I needed to hear.

This post and clip at Blo0dy Elbow made me smile. No, it definitely doesn't make the process easier. :-)

Current favorite portable second breakfast: Fage 2% yogurt with a packet of Simple Harvest oatmeal sprinkled on top. Stats: 290Kcal, 21P, 38C, 8F.


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