Friday, September 21, 2007

Quitting Quote

In the ring, I see fighters quit or give up all the time because it feels at that moment like it's the easiest option. I always tell them the easiest thing is actually to make a stand. The act of fighting, of facing what you have to face, in reality lasts only a few minutes. Otherwise, you have to deal with and live with the consequences forever. -- Teddy Atlas
I'm about halfway through the Teddy Atlas autobiography, "Atlas: From the Streets to the Ring: A Son's Struggle to Become a Man", and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm jotting down useful quotes along the way.

I'm scrambling to get everything I want done before Yom Kippur starts. It ends around 8:00pm or so tomorrow, and once it does I'll head off to the local sports bar for ufc76. If you're observing YK, have an easy fast and may you be sealed for a good year. If you're not observing YK, enjoy the warm and sunny weekend. Not too many of these left before winter.


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