Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hummus Basar

I forgot to post this photograph when I came back from Jerusalem. It's hummus basar: hummus is the yummy chickpea stuff, basar is Hebrew for meat, and the dish has hummus and spiced ground beef on top. This picture was taken on my last Friday afternoon in Jerusalem, enjoying a lunch with my friend B. at Pinati restaurant. The name means "my corner" and the restaurant is on King George Street. We sat outside. The restaurant is tiny, and there was a line of people waiting for our table. Whenever I think of a perfect combination of protein and fat, I think of hummus basar. It's a bit sad, because we both were heading off to locales where hummus this good does not exist.


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I want you to know that I IMMEDIATELY went and made myself some hummus, and spiced ground beef, and ate it in complete ecstasy. I've never thought of combining hummus and meat before.

I think this batch was exceptionally good because I used enough olive oil - I'm usually stingy with it, so the hummus has a texture somewhat like grits. I looked at this photo with the lovely pool of olive oil showing in the bowl, and I knew what I had to do.


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