Friday, September 14, 2007

Depressing Post; Skip at Will

Talked to my mom earlier today just as she got back from the hospital. She's been there every day, 8-12 hours each day since relative Q went in. Apparently when the doctor heard that relative Q has a son who lives a five hour flight from Toronto, the doctor said "He should come". Which is, of course, doctor-speak for "We think she's dying". When I got home I read Cosgrove's cancer diaries off the Liftstrong cd I bought awhile back. They were an unexpected but useful thing to find on that cd. Then I had a mini-binge consisting of a Balance bar and rosemary bread.

Damn this is a depressing post.
How many shall pass away and how many shall be born,
Who shall live and who shall die,
Who shall reach the end of his days and who shall not
-- Unetaneh Tokef
The above is a part of the Jewish High Holy Days liturgy. You can read more about it here and listen to the Leonard C0hen song "Wh0 by Fire", which is based on the same prayer.


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