Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Lunch Box

At home most of the day today, and popped out briefly to get groceries. I tried to come up with a 6 meal, portable, protein & veggie intensive menu for next week. My plan is to have the exact same thing every day, which will simplify cooking and shopping. I also want to get through all the stuff I have in my fridge and cupboard. Today I discovered that I have 17 cans of tuna on hand. :-)

I have a new lunch box. The one I used all last year was a soft-sided Igloo, but it began to rip along one side because I stuffed too many things into it. I considered getting a Gatem0uth bag to replace it, but at the end decided to go with a hard plastic cooler instead. The new lunch box (which will probably get as many comments at work as the old lunch box did) is a red 15L Igloo Playmate Elite. It is:
1. Insulated: because I don't have the time to wander back and forth from my classroom to the fridge in the teachers' lounge;
2. Roomy: enough for two protein+veggie meals, one shake, assorted fruit for snacks, cutlery, and anything else I think up...
3. Easy to clean;
4. Made in the USA (I wanted USA or Canada, not made-in-China junk)
5. Reasonably priced: I got it at my local WalMart Neighborhood Market, for ~$15, considerably less than the online price.

Classes begin on Monday, and I'll be at work Sunday morning to do some last minute prep. Not a lot, as this has been a productive week for me, but I want to have everything ready so that on Monday morning I don't have to worry about printing, copying, or anything else except my classes.

Back in June I went to Boston for a lifting seminar and then blogged about in five parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). EFS now has video clips from the seminar available online.


At 5:11 AM , Blogger Batty F said...

That's a spunky lunchbox. Kind of like an American bento. Does it have partitioning? What intensives did you concoct?

Good luck with the new semester.

At 8:49 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Thanks for the EFS links. I love picturing you amongst all those gigantic bodybuilder men! And I cracked up on that first clip, when he was talking about trendy stuff, and I guess he said "kettlebell" but I heard it as "cowbell." I need more cowbell!!!

I have an ancient Playmate—a smaller size, it must be the Pal—that probably dates from the 1970s. Which goes to show how tough they are. It's great for small amounts of food, but I wouldn't mind getting the Elite for a day's worth.


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