Thursday, August 09, 2007

Conference Thoughts

The university campus was gorgeous but I was running from session to session and had little time for pictures. I do like outdoor sculpture, however, and these bears were right outside the university's athletic center.

Drove the five hours back from St. Louis earlier today. I had apples and protein bars with me, so I was able to avoid the questionable food options along the way, and only stopped at rest areas to fill up on water.

The conference was educational in several ways. I was a bit shocked by the number of sedentary people of both the obese and skinny+flabby variety. I was disappointed that we didn't have access to the real gym on campus, but only to a pathetic cardio-hamster "gym" that didn't even have a 45lb bar. One of the university students I talked to told me that it's referred to as the estro-gym. Depressing but funny. :-) I was annoyed by the number of people who complained about the short distances they had to walk on the flat campus. I realize it was horrendously hot: but can't you just grab hat, sunglasses & water bottle and stop whining?

I had a chance to discuss the general out-of-shape situation with another conference attendee, a personal trainer I met (where else?) in a stairwell. I think both of us were surprised to see someone else taking the stairs. For the record, it was one (1) floor, and still most people took the elevators.

More later, but unpacking, grocery shopping, laundry and going through seven days of mail await.


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