Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to Work

This week is all about logistics and administrative matters; the students arrive next week. I set up my classroom, hung up the new posters I bought over the summer, fell off a desk while doing so... thank god there wasn't anything sharp or pointy between me and the floor. Banged up my elbow a bit but nothing serious. My favorite poster has two perplexed lizards staring at each other with the caption "There was homework?" below.

I'm putting the finishing touches on syllabi which are due tomorrow. Another part of my brain is planning tomorrow's food, because she who does not plan will find herself on a sugar binge of epic proportions come evening.

Nutrition and hydration have been horrendous this week. I am so glad that classes are starting. It is so much easier to be nutritionally sound when my routine is established and my students are around. The free nosh with meetings ended today. Obviously, no one is forcing the bagels / donuts / strawberry shortcake down my throat; I consciously chose to partake in the Festival of Simple Sugars. Enough.

I've been procrastinating (meaning: forgot entirely) about the "training partner wanted" sign I was going to put up at the two gyms. Then I read this: "the most important factor is not what program you use, what supplements you use, how you train, when you train, what you train, BUT... WHO YOU TRAIN WITH" on Ferruggia's blog. Sigh... tell me something I don't know.

Rather depressing post today... see what happens when I can't squat? On the cheery side, I think the hip issue is getting better and I'm only a couple of months away from having a bar on my shoulders again.


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