Monday, July 30, 2007

Shopping and Training

Running around doing last minute errands. Saw one of my professors first thing yesterday morning, then went with my friend H. to do some Judaica shopping. I bought a lovely hand-woven talit on Yoel Salomon Street. Then I changed into a skirt (generously lent to me by H) and long sleeved shirt which I bought from the clearance rack of the bat ayin store by the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, and we headed to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim. I found another siddur (prayer book) to add to my collection and a lace-edged challah cover.

Got to the gym yesterday night but didn't have time to finish my session, so I went in this morning and made up the exercises I missed on Friday and Sunday. Last night I ran into the Mr. Helpful turkey again. This time he came by to tell me that my position on the lying cable rows wasn't right and wouldn't I be more comfortable if I was at a different angle to the machine. I told him that the angle in this case didn't matter. He said that I was making the exercise too hard. I asked him if he comes to the gym to rest or to work, then walked off without waiting for a response. Nitwit.

On the other hand, this morning the deadlifting guy from Thursday was at the gym while I was training, and he was doing absolutely beautiful dips with a 20Kg/45lbs plate hanging off him. I had come in just as he was finishing his bench work. The gym was blissfully quiet, and I don't mean empty. I mean everyone there was training without blithering. I'm planning the regular Day III: Back session tonight, which will leave the deadlifts for tomorrow before I leave.

I took a look at the second program that MiC gave me, the one to be used once the hip injury is cleared up, and discovered that on Day I: Chest, the regular pushups get replaced by pushups with hands close together. :-) Hello triceps.


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