Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sartorial Offense and Defense

I wore one of my favorite t-shirts to the workshop today. One person, a former classmate whom I had not seen for two years until yesterday, decided that God appointed her the sartorial police. She came up to me and said, out of the blue:

"Your shirt is offensive to me."
"Oh?" I said.
"Do you wear that to school?" she sniffed.
"Actually I wear business attire to school," I said, "What do you wear?"
"I work with little kids, so I'm always in paint, I wear jeans and this," she pointed to her potato-sack orange dress.
"Ok," I said, thinking she would go away, but she persisted.
"I find it offensive that you wear a shirt with ways to kill people on it." she said.
"Well, if I walk down the street and see you being attacked, and I have a gun, I promise not to defend you, deal?" I said sweetly.
That shut her up for about three seconds, and I walked past her and into the room where our next session was.

You know, there's a reason I didn't keep in touch with every single person with whom I studied. This is the same genius who found it necessary to declare loudly when she saw me on Tuesday, "You're half the size you were!" Whatever. I wasn't planning to wear the shirt again, but I'm going to make sure I wear it at least once more if not twice. Maybe even to the closing dinner. :-)

Good gym session tonight. I felt really nauseous when I began, because my abs and obliques are very sore from Monday's session and this session had the same amount of ab work. Cable rows, machine bicep curls, limited range bb hack squats to bench, and leg extensions, all the while staring longingly at the squat rack. One of the taller guys was doing beautiful squats, breaking parallel, and every time I turned around he had two more plates on the bar. And I forgot to mention the Anglo guy who was there on Monday, doing textbook conventional deads with metronomic rhythm and about 360 lbs. Turns out he knows one of my colleagues from Kansas. Small world.


At 8:08 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Heh. That shirt is pretty funny. But your comeback is hilarious!

There's a difference between provocative and offensive, and that girl needs to study up on the concept.

Now, what did I miss about the squats and a hip issue? Did you mention that before and I just didn't catch on? I am interested to hear what MiC says about EVERYthing.

Rows: I'm doing wide-grip seated rows in my current routine. I have a lat pulldown attachment on My Machine, and what you do is reverse the pulley/cable and sit on the ground facing the machine - use the pulldown bar as the row bar. I can't make up my mind whether I'm supposed to be maintaining an upright sitting posture, bringing the bar to my stomach with my arms only, or whether I'm supposed to lean forward and use my back AND arms to pull - what real rowing would look like. Common sense is telling me the second variation is correct, but intuition doesn't always apply with weights. Comments?

At 1:21 PM , Blogger Mich said...

M@rla: A significant forward lean will usually bring too much momentum into it. Go with sitting upright. See this vid on JB's PN site. After you do them for a while in that upright lean position, you'll start feeling your back working rather than your arms, even though the arms are involved. You may have already experienced this. Try to think about your back muscles as you're pulling, it helps the Aha! moment when you realize they are engaged. Also think of your scapulae and whether they are retracted. Real rowing (on a scull) would involve your legs intensively: think of how you row on a rowing machine, the starting push of the movement comes from the legs, and they power everything through, not so much the back.


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