Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Out of Left Field

Saw a new doctor this week for a physical. When I got on the scale at the doctor's office I wore jeans and shoes and had coins in my pocket. Can I project "who cares" any more clearly? I have delightful blood pressure: 90/60. I got blood work and the usual and sundry tests scheduled, and only had one surprise, which was doc saying "I want you to have a thyroid ultrasound". My first thought was, Thyroid? isn't that the excuse lazy people use for not exercising and eating clean? Then I shrugged mentally - what's another test.

In any case, I won't have the results of anything until after I come back from my trip, so I am not thinking about it right now. My standard reaction to this sort of doctor comment would be to drop everything and spend the next two weeks studying the endocrine system; that lovely physiology textbook I bought awhile back has 38 pages on it. However, I can't afford to do that; too much stuff needs doing before, during and after my summer workshop.

Speaking of the summer workshop, I received the schedule and discovered that I am leading a session on "Technology in the Classroom". Now, it is one of my areas of interest and I love teaching and I've mentioned to the people running the workshop that I could do such a session, BUT, no one had actually e-mailed me or called to say "Mich, would you like to lead this session?". They just put me on the schedule and sent it out to all participants.

The workshop days are absolutely packed. I won't have time for anything except studying and training, and it looks like training will have to be done in the morning, because several of the workshop days have evening activities scheduled.


At 10:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My blood pressure is always good, too. When I step on the scale, I always move it to where I know it is going to be going anyway -- currently in the 230-240 range.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Fat Man's Daughter. Your comment about the teaching technology really caught my eye since I'm currently attending a writing workshop for teachers, and I love tech stuff too.

Linda Sherwood
www.fatmansdaughter.com (Blogger no longer acknowledges my username.)


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