Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday Day III: Triceps and Back

Everything supersetted with ab work.

Six reps is as low as I go on this program; next week it's back to 8 rep work sets.

Skull Crushers


I saw the 12Kg tricep bar on the floor, loaded with of weight. I asked GiC if anyone was using it. Turns out it was being used by M2, who is one of my favorite gym colleagues to watch train. I didn't ask to work in because was his last set; I waited and did a bit of extra warm up. Who should pop up to helpfully inform me that I could use the 10Kg tricep bar instead? Yes, Mr. Helpful again. "I know," I said, "But I want that bar." Two things: first, I trained here for nearly two years; I know exactly how many tricep bars the gym has and what weight they are. Second, there's a reason I wanted the 12Kg bar. The bars where you grip are thicker, which has a positive effect on my grip and forearms.

When M2 was done with his set I went over to unload the other end of the bar.
"You want the 10s?" he asks. This delighted me to no end. The day I can put two 10 Kg plates on my tricep bar will be a happy day.
"No," I said, passing the 10Kg over.
"I'll leave the 5s, you're going to use those." he said.
Yes, I will. And thank you for mentioning it. :D
See? There are lots of nice guys at my gym. And only one occasional dingbat.(And I'll give that one the benefit of the doubt that he means well, annoying as he is.)

Bent Over Single Arm DB Rows

These felt really smooth and easy. The twinge that I had felt in my left shoulder last time I did them was gone. After my max set, M2 came over to where I was training.
"What does your boyfriend think of the lifting?" he asks.
"What boyfriend?" I ask.
We had a very nice conversation. I explained that I would expect any future boyfriend of mine to be active. He doesn't have to powerlift, necessarily, but he has to be active; no couch potato clicking away at the television.
"What if he jogs?" M2 asks.
"God help us," I said, "Look, there's all kinds of sports, there's lifting, martial arts, mountain climbing..."
"Beer drinking?" M2 mimes someone on a couch tossing back beers and I started laughing. "No belly."
"Look," I said, "I was pretty big when I started this, so if he's got a belly but he's in the process, fine."
I came up to him later and told him that he gave me an idea for an ad "Needed: 1 boyfriend. Must squat x, dealift y and bench z."

Lat PDs to Chin (wide pronated grip)
6x50Kg/110.2lbs This one was hard, but it's also the entire stack on that machine, so I was really happy to get it again.

When I put the handle on the machine I somehow dislodged the cable from the pulley wheel. So I asked GiC for help. It took a couple of minutes and he had to take off the handle to get the cable back in place. Mr. Helpful popped up again like a prairie dog to take the handle from GiC's hands. Then, once the cable was back in place, he came back, said "I help" and put the handle on the cable. I didn't say thank you, because at this point my patience was at a near-end. If I was staying for another month I would have a little talk with this guy, but I only have one more training session after this, and I am relatively certain he won't be there for it.

Lat PDs to chest (close grip, palms facing each other)

Finished in plenty of time to shower. My pacing was very good, and some of it was that I tried to do the ab work as close to the weights as possible, as opposed to strolling to an out of the way area to do it.


At 5:06 PM , Blogger M@rla said...

Mich has a boooooyyyyyfrieeeeeeend!!

Actually, you have two: Turkey Guy and M2. Oh yeah, that's a very subtle way of finding out if you're single: "What does your boyfriend think of the lifting?" And let me guess: M2 runs and drinks beer.

You TOTALLY have to go back next summer. If not sooner.

At 12:38 PM , Blogger Mich said...

M@rla: The "helpful" TG as a BF? Blech. Don't even joke about that. As for M2, I think he's 1. attached, and 2. not in my age bracket. Compared to the guys in my gym, I'm positively ancient.

I'll go back as soon as I can save up enough money; probably July 2008


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