Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Last Jerusalem Deadlifts

This post and its predecessor are being posted from Ben Gurion airport (free wireless), where I am waiting for my flight to begin boarding. I did my requisite trip through the duty free shops, and picked up this cd by Fear Fact0ry. Also checked out the airport synagogue. Not bad, but the women's section is tiny (four or five seats only) and stuck behind an unnecessarily cluttered screen.

Very hectic day today. I met one of my university professors, then headed to the Coffee Mill on Emek to meet an Australian educator who has just arrived in Israel. We had a fascinating discussion on matters educational, and I also gave him my frank opinion of several of the university professors, with the caveat that his mileage may vary. I was so frank, apparently, that the gentleman sitting at the table behind me leaned over to advise me that I was in an area of town where many people know the academic folks in question (implying that I should be careful &/or lower my voice). I told him that I didn't say anything that I wouldn't say directly to their faces.

Fortified by breakfast (generously picked up by the aforementioned educator - thanks muchly!), I headed to Pardes and dropped off the skirt that H had lent me, then said my goodbyes. Then I was off to the gym for the final training session for this trip. MiC wasn't there yet, but GiC was. Only two people were training when I arrived but things got very busy by the time I finished.

Today's Deadlifts

Post gym, a mad run to the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, and then home to pack the last bag. The airport cab service arrived 15 minutes earlier than expected. Kudos to roommate #2 for helping me get my things together in record time. Have you ever tried to stuff a turkey sandwich, three apples and the remnants of a yellow pepper into your purse in a hurry? Not as easy as it sounds. :-)

On the way to the airport I thought about all the things I didn't do. Either because I forgot to do them or because I didn't have enough time. Frustrating. But with some luck I'll be back here next summer for another workshop, and this time I'll give myself more time for fun stuff after the studying.

About to start boarding; got to go. Which is a good thing, because if I start thinking about how much I'm going to miss my gym...


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