Monday, July 16, 2007


Landed in Jerusalem last week. Sorry for the disappearing act. Things were like a ghastly Bosch painting here for awhile (yes, I'm being dramatic, so?).

I went to the university last week to straighten out some MA details: for example, where, pray tell, are grades for papers I handed in over a year ago? The profs in question were very nice, said they would check and if they don’t find anything I can send them copies and they’ll grade them. Ok, great. I met with other profs and my academic advisor, and all was going well. Then, a day later, a form e-mail from the university lands in my inbox, saying that as I wasn’t registered in my last year, my coursework is not recorded and they won’t give me my MA. *pause* *deep breath* WTF? Where the heck did my tuition payment go then? The invisible bureaucrats slush fund? I sent them a polite Canadian e-mail pointing out that I have a receipt, as well as an e-mail from the financial person who sent me the receipt. As no one was in the office on Friday and Saturday, I had to stress until Sunday to get the e-mail that said that the issue was fixed. No apology for stressing me out for an entire weekend, of course. Meanwhile I was pacing around the apartment with smoke coming out of my ears. Roommate #1 says I should be grateful they bothered to fix it. Bureaucracy here being what it is, they could have continued to make me miserable for weeks on end and forced me to dig up every shred of paper I got from them.

I went back to my gym, and I'll be posting a detailed account of the return tomorrow... but not here. I'm guest blogging elsewhere and this will be my first post there.

Jerusalem is wonderful and I wish I had more time here. The only downside is that I can't squat for six months. If anyone but man-in-charge had told me this I would ignore the advice, but since he has forgotten more about training than I will ever know, I’m listening. He designed a new program for me that will take the hip issue into account. I’ve been in the gym five days thus far, and the only reason I wasn't there this evening is that we were at the workshop till 5:30pm and then had a group dinner at our teacher's home which it would have been rude to skip. More about the new program once I've gone through the entire thing once. For now, I'll just say that it involves 30% more abwork. Ow.

I took this pic on the weekend. I like this sculpture very much. I think it's supposed to be a fountain, but doesn't have any water due to conservation; it would all evaporate in the heat.


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