Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fasting and Films

No workout today due to the fast, but I did train last night just as the fast was starting, so I didn't drink anything during or after the workout. Not something to do on a regular basis, obviously, but I had taken in enough water during the day and felt pretty strong during the session. I asked MiC about the curl variations because they felt too easy, and it turned out that I wasn't doing them quite right. Once I fixed the form they got a lot harder.

As part of the curriculum workshop we had a morning lecture on Dealing with Death and Loss in the Classroom. Following this I went downtown with friends to Beit Avichai, where they had a Tisha b'Av film marathon on the themes of Love and Baseless Hatred. (According to Jewish tradition, while the first Temple was destroyed due to the sins of murder, idolatry and forbidden sexual relations, the second Temple was destroyed due to the sin of baseless hatred.) I saw Neilah by Zohar Markman, Eicha by Eliezer Shapiro, one episode of the Israeli tv series Merchak Negiah (Touching Distance) about a Russian family and an ultra Orthodox family, and one part of Ruach Kadim (Kaddim Wind), about the experiences of Moroccan Jews. There were discussions with the directors &/or writers, and a lively and opinionated Israeli audience. I didn't stay for the last session, but the event was very worthwhile. All the films made me think, and I need to look into how I get permission to show films to my students. Whom do I need to call, where do I send the royalty checks and so on.


At 2:33 AM , Blogger Ittay said...

Shalom Mich,
I'm an australian teacher in israel for a year, studying at Hebrew U. I was also at beit avi chai on 9 Av. I have written my thoughts here: www.ittay.blogspot.com

I'd like to meet you and discuss how you use film in education/


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