Thursday, July 26, 2007

Deadlifts and Dead Cell Phones

Today my cell phone stopped working due to an unfortunate accident involving water, and then I got to the apartment and discovered the internet connection wasn't working. So here I am at a remarkably noisy Cafe Rehavia at quarter to midnight checking e-mail. There's no land line in the apartment since all the flatmates have cell phones. Or, in my case, had a cell phone.

Between the stress about the (now averted) strike and the stress about suddenly having no means of communication, I suspect any strength gains I made were wiped out by cortisol surges. Kidding, of course, but my concentration at the gym was off. I did get myself on track once I got to the deadlifts, though.

Today's Deads
The last set really should have been 55Kg or 57.5Kg, but I stuck with the blue 20Kg plates because I was working in with another person and didn't want to keep him waiting while I swapped the 20Kg for the 15Kg. He seemed reluctant enough to work in with me as it was, but warmed up to the idea once it dawned on him I really didn't mind taking plates on and off.


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