Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Useless Agent Update and Stuff Elsewhere

Remember the useless travel agent with whom I was arguing several weeks ago? She sends me an e-mail advising of a "minor schedule change". Except that this "minor" change lands me in Atlanta 43 minutes before my flight to Israel departs. Not wishing to deal with her again, I called the airline directly and changed my Kansas-Atlanta flight so that I have three hours in between. Just in case there's a delay somewhere. Then I hear from one of my Orthodox friends that he called his airline directly and discovered that his request for kosher meals never made it to their computer. He would have ended up fasting for twelve + hours.

I visited the EFS site today. They have women's t-shirts now, which I will be delighted to buy as soon as they put up a size chart, because, as we all know, women's t-shirt sizes vary wildly by manufacturer, style and barometric pressure. I, for example, am a Han3s small and an American Appar3l large. And I'm fine being either one, as long as I know that the shirt will fit me before I put money down.

Anyhow, some time back, Dave Tate decided to get under 5% BF. Check out the before & after shots. Wow. And over in the Q&A section, Jim Wendler (10% BF) shares some of his diet philosophies:
4. If you eat something and it tastes like shit, don't eat it.
5. If you eat something and you FEEL like shit, don't eat it.
7. Eating vegetables and fruits is good, but only the ones that taste OK. I'm not going to live my life eating crap.
8. It's easier and cheaper to eat clean than it is to eat like crap.
9. (Amendment to #8) You should eat crap sometimes. We all have our Diet Demons.
Going to their site always makes me smile. However, it also costs me money because I discover more things I want. This used to only happen to me in bookstores.


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