Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TPS EFS Seminar: Part IV

One last set of quotes, with my notes in italics. Please remember that I was writing these down during a free flowing discussion, and these snippets can't possibly convey everything. Use them as springboards to further learning. Better yet, get off the internet and go lift something...

Tate Quotes

- "Supposedly, you have to do interval training to lose weight. Meanwhile, every bodybuilder I know who's under 5% does not do interval training."
"I'm going to sell products instead of programs. Programs are BS, products people can use."
- "Get ideas, not solutions. You never want solutions, only ideas. The solutions lie in yourself." I glean useful info from various places, but it's my responsibility to choose what to adopt and what to discard.

The next two quotes were about the purpose of tracking. I've tracked all my training session, including my feeble forays into exercise back in 2001. The most useful for me, obviously, are the Jerusalem logs.
- "What are your indicators? What are you using to track where you're going? What really drives your bench?"
- "What you'll forget to do is what you suck at."

On training your weak points:
- "If you're not in the top 50 in PLUSA, weak point training is not an issue. You don't have weak points, you're weak."

On adding things to your program:
- "Believe it's gonna work or don't put it in there."

In response to a guy who asked what a skinny weak guy should do:
- "The biggest problem is how you worded the question. You said a skinny weak guy, you should've said an aspiring lifter."

- "Ernie Frantz said it a long time ago: treat the heavy weights like they're light and the light weights like they're heavy." This was in response to a question about injuries, and I like it because it is exactly the attitude of the gym in Jerusalem. Your form had better be perfect on the light weights, and you don't let the heavy weights psych you out.

- "Your body doesn't know the difference between overtraining and mental stress.

- "If you break a record, then take a second attempt and it's easy, go home. Don't fuck it up."

- "If you're trying to gain weight, weigh yourself at night. If you're trying to lose weight, weigh yourself in the morning."

Someone asked what you do to prepare yourself the day of the meet. The response was a glare and then,
- "The 12 weeks preparing for a meet." Yup, if you didn't put in the prep, don't expect the last day to make any difference.

"Get blood work every six months. If you're going to push for the extremes, take responsibility, at least."

- "There's nothing worse than a deadlift. It's what you did before you went to eat." Me, I love deads, but I liked this description all the same.

"I gotta be in the weight room, that's all there is to it." Amen.

"This shit ain't easy." Wouldn't be half as much fun if it was.

Lastly, a quote from a gentleman named Vinny who was visiting from Southside Gym in Connecticut:
- “I'm big enough that the protein isn't as important as the carbs.” I can't find an e-mail to ask him for permission to post a picture, but trust me, he's got every right to say this.


At 9:01 PM , Blogger Chris D. said...

Check with Eric Cressey for an email to Vinny. I'm pretty sure the EC used to lift with these guys. I would be curious to see the picture!


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