Monday, June 04, 2007

TPS EFS Seminar: Part III

Ignore the date imprint, my mistake. Pic is B&W because I thought that looked more old school. :-) Yes, I asked if it was ok to post. L to R: Bartley, Tate, Kroczaleski, Wendler.

More morning session quotes below. My notes are in italics.

As the discussion turned to beginners vs. advanced lifters:
JW: “Marc and Matt, as advanced lifters, they're not going to get a lot stronger.”
MB (quietly): “Don't like you.”

Bartley Quotes

- "I'd give up every 1000 lb squat I ever had for an 800 lb pull." Whoa, just hearing that hurt.

- "I'm the opposite of him [MK]; I'm Mr. Anti-Volume."

- "What's the difference between a lift and an exercise? An exercise supplements your lift." MB gave credit to Pavel T. for this idea.

- "Look for patterns that work."

- "99% of your effort will be futile. 99% of what you do will be futile. The 1%, that's what you try for, every single time." I LOVE this line. It's perseverance in a nutshell.

- "Pour your efforts into the first couple of exercises."

- "Develop the skill first."

- On psyching up for a lift at a meet: "Screaming and yelling, doing stupid shit means you miss the little things."

- On troubleshooting squats: "[They’re] Doing too much shit, overtraining, 3-4 weeks out still doing max squats. It can take a solid month to recover from a max squat."

Wendler Quotes

- "I'm very happy that we never had the fucking internet; we had to fucking think. […] Just lift for 10-12 years, then start reading about shit." Ouch. I've learned a lot online, but sometimes I really need to shut off the computer and hit the weights. Like (ahem) now.

- When X benches, his ears bench the weight, his toes bench the weight; everything is working. I love this line also. I'm adding this to my verbal cues: are my ears involved? are my toes involved? If not, I need to concentrate harder.

- "You make your greatest gains in the first few years, then hit a stale point. Hi volume hi intensity, that shit does not work the 2nd time around."

- "Training is about weird experiments, and sometimes they blow up in your face."

- "The best training program gets the best result with the least amount of effort." JW gave credit to this book cover for this idea.

- "Go with weights you know you can get. I'm only going to train to crush my opener. For 1000, train for 16 weeks to make 850 the easiest weight in the world."

- "Train what is trainable." This referred to coming back from an injury.

- "You're 165lbs with abs, who cares? Get abs at 235lbs." :-) I’m not sure if this was a JW or DT quote since both of them weighed in on the subject of scrawny guys with abs. There are at least two underlying ideas: first, the nutrition side is easy, it's the busting your ass in the gym that's hard. Second, if you're going to give people advice, you need to be an example. You can't be benching 225lbs and expect a 600lbs bencher to take your advice.


At 7:47 AM , Blogger neca said...

The funny thing about that last quote is that for me, the busting butt in the gym is pleasurable, its the nutrition that's torture!

At 9:00 PM , Blogger Chris D. said...

very nice write up Mich. I haven't read any reviews like this from these events and this made me want to go to one of these despite the cost. I wonder if there will be on in the midwest where they have hands on.

Chris D.

At 2:29 PM , Blogger Alberto Caraballo said...

It's nice to see a good review from a relatively avergae person on this. Good job.

And Neca, I know what you mean. I love food, so that's why I love to work out:)


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