Saturday, June 23, 2007


At home for most of the day on Friday, waiting for maintenance to come and fix a leaking toilet. This was their second attempt. The first attempt, which took two phone calls on my part, succeeded in making the leak bigger. Maintenance arrived just as I had used up my last towel to sop up the expanding water puddle. I was also waiting for UPS to deliver a vacuum cleaner I had ordered online. They arrived a few hours later. The reason I had to be at home is that they needed a signature, and for whatever reason, the property management office will no longer hold packages for residents. I suspect it is a combination of people not coming in promptly to pick up their stuff, someone complaining about a damaged package, and stupidity.

I am usually very happy to spend my Friday evenings on my own, but last night I actually wished I had a Shabbat dinner invitation from someone. On the other hand, I was a tired and probably would not have been mesmerizing company.

From water puddles on the floor to water dripping from the ceiling: this morning my bathroom ceiling began dripping water. I called the property management office and discovered there's no maintenance person around on Saturdays. The woman suggested I leave a message for the emergency maintenance. So I did, and at 2:30pm the gentleman called me back and told me that he'll come by "later this afternoon". It's now 8:00pm and he has yet to show up. It's possible that he was held up at another job, but a phone call with an update would have been nice. I called the number from which he had called me earlier and got a woman who said she would take my number and have him call me back. As of right now (9:01pm) nothing. So I have spent over six hours sitting at home waiting for assistance. I am not impressed with this apartment complex right now.


At 4:53 PM , Blogger brent said...

by the way, love the translated title of your blog, "enough excuses," 100% completely agree with what it's saying

At 6:27 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Thanks! And I love your sub-title; it's the same reason I like second chances... (and third, and fourth). :-)


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