Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nothing Doing

Felt lethargic all day. Forced myself to go to the gym but things did not turn out as planned. I had planned a Day II: Back/Pull and started with lat pulldowns. 6x45lbs, fine, 6x75lbs felt uncommonly heavy and the planned 10x95lbs turned out to be 0x95lbs. It would not budge, which is ridiculous because 10x90lbs on Monday was smooth and easy.

I had the gym to myself, which, for a change, was not a good thing. I like having other people around. If they're more advanced, I'm motivated to compete and demonstrate that I'm a serious lifter too. And if they're less advanced, I'm motivated to set a good example. Anyhoo, since the weight - for no logical reason - was not moving, I rested for a bit and tried to start over. Nope, no such luck.

I ended up doing thirty minutes of stretching, trying to figure out what it is about my upper front left quad that's causing the pain. It reappears when I bring my knee to my chest, either standing or lying down. It also shows up when I start to sit down & back in the squat. I've changed my warm up to try and deal with it, and slowed down the movements, but I'd like to know what's causing it.

Gym One is closed tomorrow for Father's Day. I was a bit surprised when I saw the sign on the door, since I've never been in a gym that closed for Father's Day, but hey, why not. The gym owner has kids, and if he can afford to take a day off to spend it with them, more power to him. I may go to Gym Two instead, but I won't know the exact time until I talk to one of my colleagues tomorrow morning. He's moving away and has offered me some of his furniture, which he's delivering to me tomorrow.

No heavy bag work for the time being. When Gym One took down the old bag because some dingbats complained it was too hard, they replaced it with a TK0 bag. Now every time I look at it I think of this post. Yuck. I'm not saying a bag needs to be stuffed with new materials, but at least shred and sanitize whatever it is you're putting in the bag.

Getting close to midnight and I'm cleaning and organizing in expectation of the new furniture.


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