Friday, June 08, 2007

Not Sleeping

I haven't fallen asleep at a decent hour since I came back from Boston. It's a one hour time difference, so it's not as if I can claim jetlag. It is now 0351 on Friday morning and I am still awake. I've set the alarms (yes, plural) for 0600 and hope they suffice, because this non-sleeping thing is not helping. I've been tired all week and haven't been to either Gym One or Gym Two since Tuesday. How pathetic can my excuses get? The sensible thing would be to just stay up till 0500, go to Gym One when it opens, and then come back home and sleep.

Updated 3:50pm:
Woke up late, ate, drank a litre of H20, trained. All is right with the world.


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