Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sisters and Mindset

I have the most amazing sister in the world. She not only sent me platemates for my birthday, she also sourced them from a supplier right here in Kansas. Since I already solved the incremental plates issue, I drove there yesterday afternoon to exchange the platemates. It was a long and confusing drive and I got lost twice. This is a good thing. If it was easy to get there I'd spend way too much money with them; I want half their catalog. I found my way thanks to a nice landscaping/construction guy and a very helpful shift manager at Einstein Br0s. I am now the proud owner of an uber-fancy foam roller and a Fitball Sport stability ball. If you're wondering what to do with a foam roller, TN had a good Cressey/Robertson article on the subject back in 2004.

The other day, I clicked through to a blog I rarely read and found a post directly related to what's on my mind at the moment; how mindset and perspective affect performance. I'm 4th or 5th on the local library queue for Mindset, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Seems to me it would be useful for improving my teaching techniques.


At 2:42 AM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

yes! i am amazing! and it's been officially documented. you should've seen my face though, while i googled and flipped through years of your blog trying to remember what "those dumbbell magnet thingies" were actually called. :-)


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