Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Seminar Chicken

I'm gotten to be quite an expert at not going to seminars. The LA Strength Seminar in Sept 06? I wanted to go but didn't go. The JP Fitness Summit earlier this month? Ditto. Some of it was timing and some of it was budget, but let's be honest here: some of it was laziness and some of it was trepidation. Enough is enough. I finally got off my butt today (or, more accurately, sat down on my butt infront of my computer) and signed up for this. Maybe I'm getting in over my head, but that's one of my favorite ways to learn new things. And it will make for interesting blogging after the fact.

The funny thing was that, having made my decision, I went through the shopping cart app and discovered that they don't take my credit card. Since this was the last day to get the early bird rate, I called and asked if I could mail a check, and the nice gentleman at the other end said I could and if it was postmarked tomorrow I could still get the Early Bird rate. Whew. So in short order I typed up and printed a letter, wrote the check, found an envelope and a stamp and drove off to find a mailbox. Envelope is now in the mailbox, waiting for the USPS to do its thing. Now all I need to do is book flight and hotel.

Modem was replaced today. According to the technician, the problem was not in the modem but in the transformer. So now I have internet service and it seems to be problem-free.

During the intermittent times that my modem was running last week I managed to do a bit of shopping. Bought the Liftstr0ng cd because the article excerpts and authors interested me. The charity aspect wasn't a factor in my purchasing decision. CD arrived today; I read two articles and then forced myself to put it aside as I have a pile of grading to do tonight. I think that next year I'll make the assignments slightly larger but assign fewer of them.


At 7:28 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Wow, that looks like a cool class. I'll bet you are the only girl there ;-)

Definitely worth getting the early-bird registration, that's a big jump in price.


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