Saturday, May 05, 2007

On and Off Part II

After much to-ing and fro-ing I've decided to skip tonight's DLH-FM fight. The local bar is charging $15 for a reservation, and I'm not sufficiently excited about it to go. It seems to me that the marketing for this fight has focused exclusively on the main event. When I go to the local bar to watch UFC, I'm interested in the entire card, not just the main event. Mind you, I'm the sort of person who'll stay after the main event to watch a previously-recorded undercard fight.

In addition to my non-excitement, I need sleep. The school year is winding down: I've got finals to create, assignments to grade and return and lessons to plan for next year. Nutrition, training and sleep have all been atrocious this past week, and I need to do damage control. Spending three hours in a smoky bar and getting to sleep after midnight tonight would not be useful in this regard.

My internet service is kaput yet again. To recap, installer came and installed, it worked fine for a week or so, then died. Technician came and checked, said everything was fine, and of course it worked while technician was in my house. An hour after he left it died again. Second technician came, exchanged the modem and claimed the original modem's transformer had been the problem. So here I am a couple of days later and the new modem is dead. If I had a dollar for every time the customer service reps apologized to me, I'd be a rich woman. Blogging will be sporadic until this is sorted out.

In the meantime, here is some good reading elsewhere:

I've been thinking about my gym in Jerusalem (less than ten weeks till I'm back there!) a lot since I left. In particular, I've tried to quantify what made it so great. Man-in-charge and the guys who trained there, obviously. But beyond that. Over at Dynamic Fitness there's a post that summarizes the characteristics of good gyms. The old gym meets all his criteria, except perhaps "recognition", but it isn't really necessary. The recognition you get from the other people there is sufficient, not to mention the compliments from your friends when your transformation dawns on them.

You know that fitness summit I didn't go to? Coach Mike has a recap of all the wonderful things I missed.

Lastly, a quote from EFS. Indelicate language at the other end of that link, but well worth it.
[W]hat kind of genetics do you need to lay on a goddamn bench and press a barbell?
All you need is a torso and some arms. Get with it, people.
--J. Wendler, EFS


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