Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Utter Stupidity of Sleeping In

There are few things I despise more than sleeping in on a Saturday morning. It throws off my sleep pattern and it makes me feel like half the day is gone. So of course I then fritter away the rest of the day, and the entire day is gone. This morning I finally bestirred myself at 10:23am, and the rest of the day was totally useless. I hate walking into services after prayers have started, so if I wake up late on a Saturday I won't go to services either. I read a fiction book, drank coffee, and generally did nothing. After nightfall I finally discovered some hidden reserve of productivity, went out and bought a desk chair, paid a few bills and did a little grocery shopping. Thank goodness for grocery stores that stay open late. Of course because of the ridiculous time I got up, I am now blogging rather than sleeping.

I finally went back to work on Friday. It turns out that one of the days I had missed was a day where donuts were easily accessible throughout the school. Donuts are around on rosh chodesh and on a Thursday of a week when one of the students is celebrating their bar or bat mitzvah. I'm perfectly ok with this, even though I don't eat the donuts, because I think that's exactly what junk food should be - a special occasion treat for people other than me. :-) For the record, as they don't do it in my classroom, it's none of my business how often people eat donuts and how many they choose to eat. I can't stand people who stick their noses into other people's food choices.

I went on a field trip with my colleagues and students to see the DSS exhibit. I hadn't planned on going, because I had seen the scrolls in Israel at the Shrine of the Book, and am planning to see them again when I go this summer, but I'm very glad I got the chance to go. It turned out to be a superb exhibit: beautifully designed, clearly explained and logically arranged. Seeing the scroll fragments and knowing that I can read 2000 year old text gives me a nice happy feeling, and seeing some of my students realize that they could read them is a huge thrill.

On the way back from the exhibit the school bus lost power steering and we were stuck in the city waiting for a new school bus. Fortunately both my students and my colleagues are cheerful, non-whiny folks. (Yes, there are exceptions, but not enough to matter.) I can't think of any other group with whom I'd be ok getting stuck on a broken down bus. Thank goodness Shabbat comes in late these days. Stupidly, I had a very inadequate lunch before we left - an apple and some edamame - so by the time we got back to school I was very hungry and had a super nasty headache. Notes to self, always carry extra food, always bring a book, and when you have access to a washroom, use it.

I went grocery shopping after school. The local Hy-V3e had Fuji apples for $0.97/lb. What I saved on the apples I blew on mushrooms and organic veggie broth. Also picked up a vegan miso & tofu cup of soup to satisfy the peculiar miso soup craving I've been having lately. Yes, I could buy miso paste and make soup, but from previous experience I know that I'd only use two tablespoons of the stuff and then it will occupy space in my fridge and turn into a biological weapon. I've never finished a miso paste jar in my life.

Now that I'm not home and don't have a critical need for them to work, my modem and internet connection have come back to life and have been working just fine for the past 30 hours. I called the cable company to cancel the technician visit, but the nice young person at the other end of the line suggested that I keep it. He said that my rate of something or other, which should be at 95%-100%, is sitting at 50%, so it should really be checked out.

Enough rambling. I'm going to try that sleeping thing again.


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