Friday, April 20, 2007

Red Bandanna Guy

Went into the gym yesterday to do a Day I: Chest session. I left work promptly at day's end, went home, changed into jeans, grabbed the gym bag and headed to the gym. I arrived earlier than I usually do, and the floor was busy with post-work exercisers. The cardio hamsters (there are gym rats and there are cardio hamsters) were doing their treadmill/ stairmaster/ recumbent bike thing, and several machines were in use. To my surprise, there was a bench and a loaded bar in the power rack. I looked around to see if there were any obvious candidates for ownership of said bar, and spotted a young man on the leg press machine. He was wearing red shorts, a gray top and a red bandanna, and was detached from the world courtesy of his mp3 player. When he came back to the rack I asked him if he had many sets left. It turned out this was his last set, so I only had to wait two minutes before I had the rack to myself.

I did flat bps and pushups, super-setted with ab work. Red bandanna guy, meanwhile, was doing a curl-free killer circuit, distinguishing himself from all the other gym goers. He was completely focused on his workout, which was really nice to see. At some point before I started the single arm pec deck work, he vanished. (I wasn't watching him the whole time - I had work to do.) I go over to the pec deck which is right by the window, and whom do I see across the street from the gym? Red bandanna guy. Taking off on a brisk post workout run. Uphill.

In the Cressey article I linked yesterday, he talks about the importance of a good training environment and lifting partners. My environment is ok, but even having one person around like RBG pushes me to a different level. I wish there were more like him in this gym.


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