Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ready for a Hanging

When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully. -- Samuel Johnson

I have somewhat more time than a fortnight; 12 weeks until I head back to Israel in July, but that was good enough to get me out of work at 4:15pm. I went home, had some tuna, prepped food for tomorrow and headed to the gym. Did a Day I: Chest session, then took my wraps and gloves and did a little work on the (un)heavy bag. I miss the old bag, which is sitting in a corner of the gym looking lonely and dejected. The old bag is red, which reminded me of that old Ik3a lamp commercial.

I finished off with static stretching and looking around at my fellow exercisers. A nice crowd this afternoon. A young woman and her trainer who were working very hard, an obese older gentleman who gets props for coming in, a younger guy who did not do curls, and a slim lady in her mid-40s (wild guess) with remarkable delts and triceps.

When I went back into the changeroom, tricep lady asked me what the boxing was good for. I told her it removed stress, improved hand-eye coordination, and, when I do it at the end of my workouts, proves to me that I still have a lot of energy left. Oh, she says, but is it good for toning?


Well, I said carefully, I've never seen an un-toned boxer. This answer seemed to satisfy her and we talked a bit about choosing gloves and wraps. (Look, I was tired and this was the best response I could manage to this entirely ridiculous question. People have no business using the T word within five feet of me.)

Speaking of focusing the mind, my cardio minutes carrying a 25 lb db on one shoulder went great. Inspired by that article I linked to yesterday as well as by the urgent need to do some post-holiday damage control, I was completely into every minute. I will step on a scale this weekend - promise. Even though I haven't had to buy new clothes, they're tighter. That 137 did not survive the pre, during, and post Pesach stress eating, and integrity demands an update.

Dinner was 4 hb egg whites, 180g of nuked frozen veggies, a granny smith apple and a glass of skim milk. I'm not calculating macros tonight, just wanted to get some clean food into me and get to bed.


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