Sunday, April 15, 2007

Precept Something but Example More

So there I was on Friday morning, doing some last minute sorting and stapling before my P3 class. I was feeling annoyed at myself, basically wishing I could rewind the last 7 months and replay them again with better nutrition and more training. One of my students walked into my room and told me that he has to do a newspaper article about fitness, due Monday, and can he interview me about it? I wasn't expecting that. I had been interviewed for the last issue of the school paper about my classroom food policy of fruit/veggies/H20 only and I figured it would be awhile before I made another appearance.

My mood changed instantly. That's one of the things I love about this profession; it forces you to set aside your self-centered petty annoyances and focus on the students. In Dumas' 20 Years After, Athos explains to D'Artagnan the impact that caring for Raoul has had on him: "I have corrected the vices that I had; I have assumed the virtues that I had not. Precept something, but example more." That's exactly how I feel about teaching: precept something but example more.

He asked me if I had any role models, or if there was one person that inspired me, and I said no. I'm inspired by different people for different aspects of my training. But I did say that the vids of the women at CF inspire me, and showed him the Totals video from their April 12 post. I was also going to show him the Annie vid from their February 27 post, but he had to go to his next class.

There was a question about resources, and I mentioned Stumptuous, JB and CF. I wanted to add T-Nation, but parents and administrators read the paper, and TN is a bit indelicate for that audience.

Good workouts both today and yesterday. Yesterday was Back day: negative pull ups (they're baack!), and two variations of lat pulldowns. Today was Quads And Other Stuff: lying cable rows, upright db rows, squats and step ups. I'm using a cardio step with six risers for the step ups, and they're harder than I expected. Everything supersetted with ab work or a cardio minute. I did bicycles between sets of squats and I thought I would just lie there on the floor till someone scraped me off it in the morning... ow! To make things even more interesting, I forgot my pw food and was ravenous by the time I got home. I'm planning rowing intervals for tomorrow and deads for Tuesday. Something to look forward to.

BTW, is there any way to make collard greens palatable and healthy at the same time?


At 8:06 AM , Blogger Debbi said...

The best thing for collard greens is hot-pepper vinegar. YUM! And some collard greens are better than others. If they were picked "old," they'll be beyond bitter.

At 8:17 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Yeah, I noticed T-nation can be a little raw sometimes! Well, the name is the tip-off...

I like to cook most greens in a quick sautee instead of the hours of boiling that some recipes suggest. Get rid of the thickest stem part in the center, that can be a little bitter. Cut the collards in thin strips, sautee in olive oil with garlic. And I second Debbi's hot-pepper vinegar - they need something tangy to bring out the flavor. Generally I cook them with other vegetables, but they're good on their own too.

At 10:13 AM , Blogger neca said...

I third the hot pepper vinegar - that's the standard "southern" way to eat them. Another option is use them in place of spinach in recipes - they are especially good in soups.

BTW, thanks for the link to the spinach souffle - I despise cottage cheese, but I love to find recipes where I can sneak it in.

At 4:33 PM , Anonymous Lise in NJ said...

collards are tasty if you quick-cook them. strip the stem and shred the leaves. Boil a huge vat of salted water. Dump in the collards, and as soon as they wilt (when they're still nice and bright) drain 'em and serve. Vinegar on top is nice, so is a little garlic olive oil.



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