Sunday, April 29, 2007

On and Off

My internet service, that is. Technician shows up at 8:30am, reports that the signal is "clear on arrival" and leaves. Of course once he leaves the modem dies again. I call the company back. They say they will try to get him back. I say fine, just call me and I can be back home in 15 minutes. They call me, and I get back to find a note on the door that he returned and I wasn't home. I call them back, and get a completely useless woman on the phone who tells me that she can't get him back. I finally get a supervisor who is more customer-service oriented, and while he can't get the guy to come back either, he is much more responsive and, unlike the dingbat woman, does not interrupt me while I'm talking.

So now the connection is up again, although it could come down again at any time, and the next available appointment that coincides with a time that I am not at work is on Wednesday. *sigh*

I am tired because I went to bed at 3:00am but made myself get up at 6:20am to get my sleep pattern back on track. Then I fell asleep in my chair around 4:00pm; it was a miracle my laptop stayed on my lap.

I did get some food prep done today, so there are containers of 5x1 omelet components ready to go in my fridge. I'm trying to put everything in place to have a perfect May.


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