Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day II and Day III

Weighed in this morning. No change. Focus for this week will be hydration: water and green tea. I need to drink more and not let myself forget about H20 for hours at a time.

Good Day II: Back session on Friday. Gravitron, two lat pull down variations, bent over db rows. Yesterday was also a good session; Day III: Quads. Lying cable rows, upright db rows, squats and step ups. Only two guys in the gym when I arrived. The kid who was doing pullups a few weeks back, and a tall skinny TurkeyGuy (every gym has one, no?) who came by while I was doing my lying cable rows and stole the little 5lb incremental weight. No "are you using this?" or "are you done with this?", the dingbat just grabbed it and went back to his machine. And what was so urgent that he needed to swipe the weight? Seated machine chest presses.

While I'm on this snarky tangent, I'll add that the guy didn't go near a free bar the entire time he was there, and finished off with machine bicep curls. On the plus side, nothing like a little annoyance to put extra energy in my squats. I hope I didn't have a smirk on my face while squatting, but I do have an expressive face and little talent for deception. :-)

I had the good sense to toss a bar into the gym bag so that I wouldn't arrive home ravenous post workout and eat the furniture. It was the Chocolate Peanut Kashi GoL3an Crunchy, which is really too sweet for my taste. I should make my own protein bars. There are recipes here and here that seem straightforward.

Good thread at the Muscle Sorority on T-Nation on the weights that figure women lift. I'm not a figure person, but the more data floating out there to encourage women to revise their lifting goals upwards, the better.


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