Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back to Deads

If you aren't getting stronger, you need to reevaluate your program. If you aren't trying to get stronger, you need to get your head examined. -- Cressey in T-Nation
And if you only have a limited amount of time today, go and read his article. My stuff can wait.

I got to the gym half an hour later than planned because one of my students left a backpack in my room halfway through the day. At the end of the day the backpack was still there. I figured student had forgotten where they left the backpack, so I spent 20 minutes wandering around looking for them. Finally found one of student's friends and matter was resolved with a cell phone call. Turns out student hadn't planned to take the backpack home and was wholly unconcerned about its whereabouts. Harrumph. :-)

Went home, got my gym bag and headed to the gym. I was planning on biceps and deads, but the first set of bicep curls brought a familiar and unwelcome twinge in the right shoulder. Twinge then prompted a secondary twinge in the right elbow and wrist. I said the heck with the bicep work, which I do not like in any case, and went straight to the deads.

6 x 65lbs
6 x 105lbs
10 x 120lbs/54.5Kg
10 x 120lbs/54.5Kg
10 x 115lbs/52.3Kg
12 x 65lbs
I had planned the work sets at 135lbs, and chickened out because I was worried about the shoulder twinge. Next time. Form was good, lifts were smooth.

After the deads I did hamstring curls and then reverse hypers with a swiss ball on a bench. Everything felt good. Let's see if I can walk tomorrow. :-)

Post gym I went to the library. A few dvds I'd placed on hold had arrived. A couple of weeks back I'd picked up a dvd of the British series Mids0mer Murd3rs and enjoyed it very much, so now I'm slowly going through the series.


At 4:53 AM , Blogger Scott said...

I love MM. Oddly enough, I never watched it whilst I was living in England; got hooked on it when I came back to Oz :)

Suspect you'd also like Inspector Morse (several years old now, but has a similar feeling).

At 2:55 PM , Blogger M@rla said...

If I'm adding this up right, you lifted 5350 pounds yesterday. AND then you did hamstring curls, etc.

Hmm. I've been doing great with the turbulence workout, but it's probably time to move on to something else in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll shoot for 6000 pounds :)


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