Sunday, April 15, 2007


Solved the scale + crooked floors problem by taking the scale to the storage locker that comes with the apartment and doing the weigh-in there, with clothes on, as the locker is not a private area. Still, clothes or no clothes, this is what stared back at me at 0630 this morning:

2007-04-15: 67.7 Kg / 149 lbs (+5.3 Kg /+11.5 lbs)

Oh hell no. In case you were wondering what a month of pre, during, and post-Pesach stress eating coupled with sloth and denial will do to you, now you know. I'm puzzled as to how can I add 11.5lbs and not need to buy new clothes. Obviously I need to buy tighter things. :-) This backsliding stops now because I am not, repeat not, walking into my old gym in Jerusalem at this weight. Weekly weigh-ins from now until I leave for the vacation in July. Where's that water bottle?


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