Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Three Day Old Omelet

I was supposed to have a guest this week, but guest has found somewhere else to stay for Shabbat, so I can postpone the massive cleaning I was planning for tomorrow evening. :-) Another 11 hour day today. I hope that Passover will be a clean break for me from these ridiculous work habits that I've adopted. I'm not meant to live at work. My colleagues, who are wonderful teachers and who have more experience (and clearly, sense) than I do, do not live at work, so I should not find myself at work past 6:00pm if I came in at 7:00am.

Nutrition was good today: a Sunday omelet is definitely edible on Wednesday. This Sunday I'll make five 6x1 omelets - and finish the oats before Passover gets here. (Add 30 eggs to shopping list.) I'm pretty confident the omelets will survive in an edible form until Friday. Notice that I'm not mentioning the hydration. Looks like I need to build the H2O habit up from scratch again.

When you're eating healthy, Pesach eating is not that different than regular eating. Cut out the oats, and everything else (meat, eggs, dairy, fruit, veggies) is pretty much unaffected. Truth is, I really don't want to go home for this quick visit, as it won't allow me enough time to visit my friends or enjoy Toronto. I'd much prefer driving up in early summer and spending 1-2 weeks. Problem is, one of my relatives is not well and my family is in rally-round-the-relative mode, so everyone - even those we haven't seen at the holiday table for ages - is coming in for the holiday. Oh well; I'll just file this one under "obligation" rather than "enjoyment" and stop whining about it.

Last note: basketball practice makes my biceps hurt at their insertion points. No, I'm not getting any better at it.


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