Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sinuses and Bench

The weather turned nice this week and my sinuses went crazy. They started hurting on Thursday, and Friday was not fun, ears popping, sinuses clogged and hurting. Made it through the day on sheer orneriness, I think. Also because I wanted to go to the range after work and if I'd have gone home sick I wouldn't have let myself go to the range. If you're healthy enough for recreation your're healthy enough to work. I'm still rushing, and my shoulders are still too high, but I'm improving as far as keeping both eyes open goes.

Another decent chest session this morning. I did some light benching on Wednesday and some pushups through the week and I think both of them helped. And if they didn't, it was a heck of a placebo effect.

Flat BP
6 x 50 lbs/ 22.8 Kg
6 x 80 lbs/ 36.3 Kg
(5+1) x 100 lbs/ 45.4 Kg Stopped after the 5th, racked, regrouped, did another rep.
6 x 95 lbs/ 43.1 Kg
6 x 85 lbs/ 38.6 Kg
12 x 50 lbs/ 22.8 Kg

I didn't do any cardio intervals; supersetted everything with ab work instead.

Right at the end of my workout, while I was doing my skull crushers, a youngster (15?) came in and started his workout. The kid did super sets of bench presses and chin-ups. And no curls. It was wonderful to see. There is hope for the next generation. :-)


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