Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Silly Personal Trainer

Inspired by one of my fellow teachers, who hits the gym after school almost every day without fail, I headed to Gym Two at the end of my day. Actually, not exactly the end of the day because we had an after-school meeting, but right after the meeting.

Not bad. On the one hand, I get to start the session before things get busy. On the other hand, I ran into Silly Personal Trainer (tm).

I'd finished some easy bench sets and headed to the squat rack. The rack, which had been empty ten minutes earlier, was loaded with a bar, two 45lb plates and two 25lb plates. There was also a lifting belt resting against the rack. Not wanting to disturb anyone's sets, I asked a couple of people if they knew to whom the weight belonged. SPT, who was training her client on the other side, summarily dispatched two of the young guys who work on the gym floor, ordering them to "help" me unload the bar. I experienced a sharp spike of annoyance. I am perfectly capable of asking for help when I need it, and thank god, I do not need help to clear a bar. What a twit. I told the two kids that I didn't need their help, really, I can handle a 45lb plate, but they cleared it anyway, telling me sheepishly that it was nothing personal, but that they had to do what trainer told them to. Arghh. I was this close to going over to her and telling her what I thought of overly helpful trainers, but I was already annoyed and I didn't want to a. interrupt my workout or b. insult her in front of her client. Sexist dingbat. I didn't notice her dispatching the kids to help any guys clear bars that were in their way.

I did some squats, some deads, and finished things off with farmer's walk. I picked up a 25lb db in each hand and walked around the track with them a couple of times. Fried my forearms. I'd forgotten how much I like this exercise. I used to be able to do it with a lot more weight than this, but then again, I never used to do it after deads. As I marched around the track I caught glimpses of the basketball team practicing in the gym below. I wanted to stop and watch, but I didn't know if that was cool with the coach.

Another good thing: I discovered that I have just enough space behind my desk to do push-ups, so I did. :-) I was anticipating some stress in one of my classes today, so in preparation I did some push-ups. If I do a set of ten after every class, that would mean 50 or so per day. As Clint Eastwood said (and Spider Robinison quoted in Lady Slings the Booze, chapter two.) "It do present mind boggling possibilities, don't it?"

I did see UFC68 this past Saturday night, and I did draft a long Musings post about it, but it may have to wait till Friday, I am that swamped.


At 7:28 AM , Blogger neca said...

What is the farmer's walk? Never heard of it!

We're her clients usoing pink 2 pound dumbbells? :-)

At 5:39 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Farmer's Walk is basically holding a heavy object in each hand and walking with it for either a set distance or a set time. I was using a 25lbs db in each hand, but that was because I had already tired out my grip with the deadlifts. It's also a mental exercise - how long can you convince yourself to hold on when your forearms are tired. I log the distance: for example, the track at Gym Two is 0.1 miles, so I will write down FW: 0.1m x 25lb / hand. If I drop the db partway I'll say that it was with 1 stop, 2 stops and so on. But you can log time if you prefer.

At 7:38 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Sounds like that trainer might be a little threatened by you. I think you're good to avoid insulting her in front of her client; she apparently didn't mind insulting you in front of others.

I thought of you yesterday: I was at the home center getting garden supplies: some bags of dirt and mulch for the flower beds. The lady in front of me bought 3 bags of pine bark mulch, each of which weigh, maybe, 18 pounds. She asked the cashier to get her help to load them into her car, which apparently used up the entire resources of the garden center because it brought the line to a standstill.

Before I thought too much evil of her, I reminded myself that she could have some not-obvious medical condition that made her unable to lift something less than one-eighth of her own weight. Although she managed to load the bags onto her cart in the first place...

Item 3: Spider Robinson? First it's Georgette Heyer, now Callahan's - are you breaking into my house and stealing my books or something?

At 3:21 PM , Blogger Mich said...

M@rla: The first time I read your comment I was a bit distracted, and what I gleaned was "I thought of you yesterday because I was getting bags of dirt..." :D

Well, trainer was blonde, but I thought it mean-spirited to say so. :-) I didn't see any pink dbs, but she did have her client on a bosu ball, looking like a dismayed stork.

I started reading Spider Robinson in high school. Began with Night of Power and from there to Callahan's. His short stories are cool too. Have you read Melancholy Elephants?

At 9:47 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Of course I've read Melancholy Elephants! Night of Power is one of my favorites - it's very Heinleinian (is that a word?) in its ability to both fascinate and irritate me. I want to say I've read everything of his, but actually I lost interest in him after the 2nd Star Dancer book. He seemed to be repeating himself a lot, and writing stuff that's barely distinguishable from fan fiction. But-- I'll probably buy Variable Star eventually.


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