Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shiny Clean Car

The students had a car wash for charity yesterday, and they did a lovely job. I was very happy driving to work in my shiny clean car this morning. It rained this afternoon, so no more shiny clean car, but the vaccuumed inside still looks good.

My cold is receding and my nutrition has been mostly good. Hydration has been pathetic. I brought two water bottle and 1.2L of green tea with me to school yesterday, put them on my desk and completely forgot about all of them. Parent-teacher conferences might have had something to do with that.

The omelet experiment is a success thus far. A 6x1 omelet made on Sunday is edible on Tuesday. We'll see about Wednesday tomorrow.

Overall a good day today, but I still got out of school too late, and now have a stack of tests to grade. Also spent too much time after school exchanging useless e-mails with a travel agent in Illinois. Apparently they don't do customer service in Illinois. The snarky e-mails she has been sending me have no salutation and no closing, and the last one started with the phrase "You just did not understand.." I'm not paying for this ticket, but I e-mailed the organization that is and asked if we could just cancel the reservation. Then I'll book with a local travel agent who does believe in customer service and send them the receipts for reimbursement. I went to check the travel agency web site, and what a surprise, they consider themselves a "customer service leader". Ahem. Their agent is a dingbat and their web site doesn't work in Safari. These words "customer service", I do not think they mean what they think they mean...


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