Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh My

As one of my laconic students says, "Oh my". I think I've been waiting for this weekend since the day I landed in Kansas.

Saturday started inauspiciously. I woke up late, having slept through multiple alarms. I kept trying to talk myself out of going to the gym, I came up with every excuse on the planet why I shouldn't bother: I'm tired, I didn't eat well this week, I didn't drink enough... Litany of excuses continued while I was eating breakfast, and getting dressed. Headed out, and the first stop was (wait for it) Krispy Kr3me. The plan was to just get a free coffee, which they give you if you have their mug, but a nice older gentleman was handing out free donuts, and I took one and said thank you. I didn't just eat it, I suctioned it up like a deprived Dys0n. So now I had one more excuse: I just had a donut, why bother going to the gym, the day's a lost cause...

Then I went to the library and picked up He G0t Game to get in a basketball mood and Br0therhood of the Wolf because it is one of those movies I always planned to see but never did. While in the library I told myself that I really didn't need to go to the gym today, and I'm tired and I should just go home and sleep. But somehow lizard brain, over all my feeble objections, was broadcasting the message "go train!" over and over again. It won out over lazy brain and I finally headed to the gym. (I know, I know, most people say that lizard brain is what tells you to eat-sleep-eat-sleep, but I think lizard brain hearkens back to the time when a sedentary human was a dead human, so it also tells you to train, lift, run...)

Fortunately, the gym bag lives in the car, so I had everything I needed with me. The first thing I saw as I walked in to Gym One was the owner taking down the heavy bag. Turned out he was replacing the bag with a lighter one. Apparently someone complained that the other bag was too hard to hit. Oy vey! What is the world coming to when people complain that heavy bags are heavy? I wanted to turn around and go home, because I didn't want to train in a gym with a wussy heavy bag, but that was an excuse even I can admit was too stupid for words. Changed, got to the rack, realized I forgot my shuffle, went back to car, got shuffle, came back, pressed play.

I'm back at the 10 rep microcycle, and because the 6 rep microcycle at 100lb wasn't completely perfect, I took it down to 85lbs for the max set again. Smooth and easy, but I'm still whining the entire time, because I'm saying to myself, hey, that was good, that was enough, go home. Another set, samee thing. But I kept telling lazy brain to shut up, and moved on to push-ups.

Decided to make the max set on the floor. Knocked out ten easily. Same with the second max set. Third and last set of 10 on the floor. Ok, not easy, but form was good and I did them. I've never done 30 pushups following bench press sets before. I am so happy at this point. And of course the next thing I tell myself is that I've done enough for the day and I should go home...

You get the idea. Every set was a fight with lazy brain, every ab work sequence and every cardio minute required a re-focus. Sometimes I made it because the right song appeared on the shuffle and carried me through a set. At another point, MachineGuy showed up and started his 5 inch squats on the Smith machine, so my vanity kicked in. At another point I imagined my gym in Jerusalem and pretended the guys were in the gym with me. I think I used every motivational tool I know of to get through this one. The last cardio minute I turned into 2 cardio minutes. And when it was done I gave a little clenched fist pump, and almost whooped, but didn't because 36 year old staid teachers don't whoop.

Sunday was a lower-key version of the same fight. But I was more experienced so I got lazy brain to shut up a lot sooner. It was a day II back session: two variations on lat pulldowns (wide pronated grip, narrow grip with palms facing each other), single arm rows, and cable wrist curls. For the last set of cardio minutes I held a 25lb db in each hand as I got on and off the little step, just to prove to myself I had a lot left and to push my grip a bit.

Nutrition (pace the donut) was fine, hydration was insufficient, but I'm pleased with this weekend for reasons that are all gym related. I finally feel like me again. Now, let's see if I can duplicate this at Gym Two.


At 5:26 AM , Blogger Scott said...

I suspect I'd get a huge shock if I popped in to a commercial gym now (after a few years of working out at home). A heavy bag that's too heavy? 5" squats on the Smith? Ugh.


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