Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Into the Valley of Curls

Went to Gym Two right after work today. It was busier than I'd ever seen it. Bicep curlers to the right of me, bicep curlers to the left of me, into the valley of curls, one might say, if one was in the mood for butchering poetry. On the other hand, there was a guy doing weighted pull-ups and another guy doing push-presses, so it wasn't all bad. I monopolized the squat rack, where I did both squats and deads, and felt a little guilty until it dawned on me that everyone was an adult and they could always ask to work in.

There was also a group of guys doing some weird looking things on a bosu ball. They looked like avant-garde garden sculptures.

After the squats and the dead I went downstairs to the basketball courts and dribbled and shot and kept losing the ball and missing the basket. The exception was when a good looking guy would run on the track overhead, then I would somehow manage to get the ball in the basket. Problem A: there are very few good looking guys in the gym. Problem B: I have no idea what I was doing right on the shots that actually went into the basket. Seems to me that if we're going to have a faculty-seniors basketball game there should be a practice session or two (or twenty) for hapless newbies. I asked one of my colleagues for strategy pointers, and he said that the strategy is to not get injured. :-)


At 3:08 AM , Blogger Scott said...

If you can get someone to tape a few shots (on anything handy, a cameraphone would do), it's a lot easier to see what you're doing right/wrong. That doesn't make it any easier to do it however :)

At 11:16 AM , Blogger BethK said...

Maybe when you're... distratced, you relax and stop trying *too* hard to make the shot?

At 9:02 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Scott - If things don't improve I'll start filming. I now have a year to practice until the next game.

Beth - Could be. :-) Either that or blind luck...


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