Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gym One and Range

Work ended early on Friday. I stuck around to clear my desk and answer outstanding e-mails for a bit, then drove to the range. It’s been a week since the intro class and my plan to start a weekly practice was in danger of never coming to fruition. I went through two boxes of cartridges (50 per box). I’m not going to do that again as it isn’t cheap, but I had really rushed through the first box. I don’t know why, it wasn’t as if someone was waiting for my spot. It was pretty quiet, although the guy at the desk said Fridays can go either way. The hardest part was keeping my shoulders relaxed, I kept discovering them hunched up somewhere around my ears. The second hardest part was keeping both eyes open. My inclination is to close one eye to get a clear sight picture. To keep both eyes open I have to think about it before each shot. So much room for improvement.

Yesterday was the third Saturday in a row that I’ve had a solid bench session. The flat BP is increasing steadily again, and I’m optimistic about not being a complete embarrassment when I go back to Jerusalem this summer.

Flat BP
6 x 50 lbs/ 22.8 Kg
6 x 75 lbs/ 34 Kg
7 x 95 lbs/ 43.1 Kg
7 x 85 lbs/ 38.6 Kg
7 x 85 lbs/ 38.6 Kg
12 x 50 lbs/ 22.8 Kg

I'm not stressed about Jerusalem yet. What’s stressing me at the moment is the prospect of going to Toronto for a short Passover visit. I do not like big family holiday dinners. The happy-joy quotient is right up there with dentist visits. Now that my weight is no longer the topic of conversation, I’m sure my marital status will be. Not to worry, I’m not going to eat my way through March to compensate, but my blogging may be whinier &/or more sarcastic than usual at times.


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