Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Game

I've had the following conversation more than once this week:

Student: "Ms Q, are you playing in the seniors-faculty basketball game?"
Me: "Well, playing is a generous way of putting it. I'm going to run up and down the court with the ball a couple of times, and then my teammates will ask me politely to sit down, and I'll cheer from the sidelines."

The game was today, and I had a wonderful time, and not just because the teachers won. I was one of only two female teachers who showed up to play. I got to play the second quarter, a smidge of the third, and the fourth. I think - I didn't really look at the time. I got to hold the ball twice. I shot once and missed, but it hit the rim so it was a respectable miss. Mostly I ran up and down the court, guarded one of the seniors and generally had a great time. I would have done better had I remembered to drink today. I had a water bottle on my desk but forgot to drink. Now I have a year to practice until next year's game, and my goal for that one is to score points.

After the game I sat at my desk, drank water, ate a banana, and mourned a little for the lost years. My slug years were from 14-34, but I was sad for the high school years, where I never had the idea (never mind the confidence) of going out for high school sports.


At 8:55 AM , Blogger Debbi said...

My high-school years were slug years, as well. I played girls' softball in the summer for two seasons in junior high, and our team never won a game. Not one. So I wasn't exactly athletically confident as I started high school, either. I love reading about your activities and challenges – you seem so matter-of-fact about taking on new things.

At 8:45 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Thanks Debbi! Since I plan to live to at least 90, I figure I have time to make up for some of the stuff I missed. :-)


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