Friday, March 23, 2007

Frozen Veggie Fatigue

That plan to leave at 4:00 did not quite work out as planned. For one thing, some students came into my room right after school. For another, I realised I wanted to clear some things off my desk before I left. Ordinarily I would have accomplished this during the last period, which on Fridays is a low key study hall where I keep an eye on a few students. However, last week I agreed to sub that period twice and today I spent the last ten minutes covering someone else's class, which meant that the list of things-to-do failed to shrink as much as I had wanted it to shrink.

My attempt to replenish the fruit and veggie supply yesterday was a failure. I emerged from the store with a headache, two bags of frozen edamame and a 5 lb bag of rather tasteless apples. Bah! I should just stick to Granny Smith, Fuji or (best of all but really hard to find) Northern Spy and avoid the misery.

I think I'm going to go by Wh0leFoods tonight. Haven't been in ages, but the produce at my usual grocery place is depressing, and I'm tired of my veggie consumption consisting of bagged spinach and frozen veggie mixes. The price of produce at the local grocery store is ridiculous: $2 for one (1) yellow pepper? Hello? Have they no decent greenhouses in the United States? So I may as well pay an even more ridiculous price and buy gorgeous produce. Once May gets here I'll go to farmers markets or sign up for a CSA program and get a bag of locally grown produce each week, but in the meantime I can splurge on veggies.

God I miss Israeli produce. The land not only floweth with milk and honey, but also peppers and persimmons, fresh garlic and fresh figs, loquats and watermelon. And don't get me started on the astonishing array of dairy products. Yogurt with pineapple, anyone? When I go back to visit this summer I'm going to set aside time for twice weekly visits to the Machane Yehuda market, at least.


At 2:19 PM , Blogger Xena said...

Thanks for the CSA link - I've been searching for local farmer's markets/farmstands/CSA-type setups and hadn't had much luck. I've found 5 or so within 45 minutes of my house!


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