Sunday, March 18, 2007

Basketball and Omelets

Met one of my colleagues at his gym for some basketball pointers. Why oh why did I not take up this sport as a kid? (Oh yeah, because I was a short, fat, shy and anti-social desk slug...) The basket is less high up than I remembered and the ball is less bouncy. Again, I can't become proficient in a week and a half, but at least I can avoid making a complete idiot out of myself. Learned some interesting things about backspin, estimating distance, dribbling, now all I need to do is get practice time in. While sorting paperwork this morning I discovered that there's a 5x5 women's league at the local community center. Alas, it begins on the same night as the faculty-seniors game. Maybe next year.

Went home after the basketball intro and did housework for most of the afternoon. Divided frozen veggies and frozen berries into containers so I can just toss them in the lunch box in the morning. Went to the office supply store and got binders so I can put some order in my paperwork. I'm going to experiment tonight and make a couple of 6x1+oats omelets to see how far in advance I can make them and leave them in the fridge. My hypothesis is that tonight's omelets should still be safely edible on Wednesday afternoon as long as I store them in airtight containers.


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